white wives looking to be bred.


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Here is a compilation of an amateur woman have sex multiple times with a Black man. Note at the beginning, she is slender, but by the end she has a swollen belly. http://www.cuckvideos.com/video/black-stud-white-wife-creampie-bbc-wife-0Jj7tFJ4oY8/
That's Elaine, she lives in the UK. She had several interracial babies. I haven't seen any New pic's or videos of her, in quite awhile.
It was always obvious she enjoyed (Loved ) BBC's and breeding.

I don't know what happened to stop the videos. She is an Amateur and good. I hope she is well.

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I want a black baby and my boyfriend wants me to have a black baby too, we're just trying to figure out how to explain it to friends and family and we also don't want the father to come back years later to try and get custody, so we're on the prowl!
So baby would grow up without a strong male influence? We ask because your boyfriend allowing another man to get you pregnant is definitely not a strong male.
so my fiance Jacob and I share this profile. only because we can't figure out how to change it to be both of us.
but he and I have a black baby. I've been need by black dick and he was so supportive of me and loves our son.
he had a vasectomy a few years ago because he has 3 previous kids but I didn't have any. when I said I wanted one he said that was fine but I was only allowed to fuck black guys which was fine with me.
honestly I have been thinking of having another baby is love another boy and I know he's be ok with it, but we hate looking for partners. Colorado isn't exactly jumping with willing volunteers to help. what would be nice is a weekly gang bang with the same guys until I got pregnant them there would be no way to tell who did it.
I do want 1 more black baby then I'm done tubes tied. but if someone says they want to put a baby in me afterwards i will let them try all they want
The idea of this turns me on so much, or maybe I'm just a freak! lol either way I think breeding is so erotic I've seen mixed babies and I think they are beautiful are their any couple who would want a mixed baby or white women who just want to be bred by a strong black male?
I think it is a super sexy and hot idea in the bedroom. You'd probably want to actually be with the black father though if you were really going to go through with it.
I find this whole fetish of the black breeding of white wives to be so exciting on a purely sexual level. Damn it's so hot. But have to say that on another moral and social level I have a few things to ponder and hope others do too.
Yes, we all want to maximise out sexual thrills and excitement but this one does have a outcome with far greater consequences. I'm sure most white couples that have bred black have taken this on board, thought about the consequences and believe they can and actually do, do the the best by the baby or babies. If that's the case then great, but if it's purely to play out a fetish (that I admit is so erotic, taboo and arousing) then seriously think again.
There is so much pleasure to be had in this lifestyle without going too far.
hi all not sure who was following but my bull had me bred a couple of weeks ago and we found out this morning we are pregnant. this is my third baby through breeding. my bull love how hot pregnant pussy is. lol
Is wonderful like to see pix as you start to show. Pregnant ladies are so beautiful.