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White sissy looking to start new life

I have finally decided to act on my sissy transgendered fantasies. For years they have been bothering me, and I have been unable to act on them due to my lifestyle. But I want to leave all that behind, and pursue my real dream.
I am looking to move in with someone for a long period of time, possibly permanently (up to them). I need this person, man or woman, to mold me into a feminine fantasy, an attractive woman. I am too weak willed to do this on my own. And as I said, I could never carry it out in my current circumstances. If you want a long-term partner, someone who love you, at least for what you've done for them, and at most true, romantic love, please take me into your life. Now this can be either something sweet and loving, or downright dirty. So long as I end up a transgendered woman, I will be happy. I could be a lover, a prisoner, a sex slave, anything like that. So long as my dream is fulfilled. I expect to have a man, or several man (up to you), make love to me sooner or later.
What can I offer in exchange? A lifelong partner, a willing submissive slave, a housekeeper. I don't expect to be working outside the home.
I expect it won't be easy to make me into something beautiful, here is the ugly truth:
Age 26, white male. 200 pounds (pudgy). Hair is thinning out in the back (so either a hair growth product or a wig is needed). Not very feminine in appearance, at least I don't think I am. I really can't offer you anything besides myself.
Please consider taking me in and fulfilling my dream, I will be so greatful, and you'll never be lonely.