white men seeking SF for BBC lifestyle

lyndon eaton

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Well set up, lyndon. I think the problem is that when guys think this might be real? They tend to see things realistically and view things seriously in their minds. There are a lot of emotions that come into play here.
Those that are serious and have thought it through embrace the emotions that go with it. Smart people that are sincere about their desires can make it work.
I too am searching for a white female into this. Orally bi here, hung ( big, but not as big as BBC) been into this since 16 and now 44. Want to meet a white female into this before I get much older
My ex & I did it for years she loved to Fuck I turned her on to bbc my fab I'm no she loves them too and I get my pleasure of eating black COCK cum for years there was no jealousy can't be for it to work