White lady in GYM driving me NUTZ!(part 2)

Wassup blktwhte...of course with all the shit talk earlier..my milf wasnt in the gym today..in fact wasnt that many attractive ladies in the gym today...its first of the year i was expecting a herd of folks...but anyway regardless of today im sure i will see her again she is very consistent in her workout as i am so crossing paths will not be a problem...im hitting that hunger again where i just have to have a white lady sexually...have i had one before yes..but not one of this caliber...phat ass thick thighs and just all around bad...plus im a milf head...love an older woman..LOVE EM!!! lol....thing is on this website you got husbands wanting to watch and film n shit ..thats all good just not me.hard to find a single local milf around here lol...anyway ill keep you guys posted on what goes down.happy new year!