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White ladies: Would you like to be in her place ?

It depends on where you are going to put the dicks. In the position she is in depicked in the photo with her leaning on the bench, I could easily have 5 bbcs inside. 2 in her mouth, There would be a guy( #3) laying on his back and flat on the floor and she would be stratling him. He would be beneith the bench seat bottom with his head and shoulders beyond the guys legs in which she is sucking. He would use the regular role and thrust of his hips in order to not raise her up. Then guy 4 is sitting on the floor behind her facing the same direction as her with his legs straight out in front of him and each leg is between one of her legs and the bench side post. Now when its show time he will need to raise up off the floor (depending on how long he is) enough to reach her. If the bench wasn't there she could lower herself more comfortably and he wouldn't have to raise up so far but I like the bench, it's there so lets make it work. Guy 4 will have his arms extended straight down and slightly rearward of his body and will push him self up and let back down bending at the elbows to create his stroke. Looks like he may need about 3 bed pillows or a 12" foam tummy wedge under his ass so he won't have to hold himself in the air for any extended time. Guy number 5 will be in about the same position as the guy behind her in the pic but depending on how long his legs are he may need to have his weight on his feet rather than the knees and be in a squatting position or maybe 6" square foam knees blocks. No problem, we do it all the time. If you have really long cocks it works much better. We have gone even further by stacking a few more guys utilizing swings which are hung at different heights. We would ditch the bench at this point because it's just in the way of our goal to have her whole front and back and sides of her body incased in large black men. Unless the guys are 300+ lbs.,you can go 6 or 7 guys stacked in front and in rear. Picture the guy's legs and arms being interwoven around the side of her like you would weave a basket. About every 12" measured from the floor is another BBC against her or inside her. She is completely intombed by a solid mass of 12 BIG BLACK MEN,,,I call it a slut wrap, like a sandwich you would get from SubWay. She would most definately be SUBmitting. the placement of the 3 cocks on the lower half is usually determined by everyones over all comfort and the length of the cocks. It can be 2 in her ass or 2 in that cum slut pussy. We have had 6 cocks inside of a girl once. the 6th cock was on the back side of her. guy 3 and 4 were in her cunt and 5 and 6 were in her ass. Caution!!! many guys don't want to spend that much time that close to another guy to get her what I call fitted. But just imagine the experiance from her perspective. Girls, have you ever thought to your self, " OH SHIT" when you see a giant of a man walking toward you with that look on his face that he will break you in two? And by the time you guys were finished you weren't even thinking about being hurt. Think of a BBC virgin having 6 cocks in her and all 6 bust a nut at the same time, then the other 6 30 seconds later ( just so you don't damper the feeling of the 6 pumping inside you). Now you are talking a major cream pie so have all your bitch ass sissy subhubs on hand to lick and suck for a while. I love getting everyone into position and being there to "make rounds" with the kw and then be one of the first on the scean when cum starts flying every where. I think it's perfect for initiations and ALL white sluts wanting to push the envelop. I tried 6 but he was ripping me a new ass. That wasn't the night for 6 but it was in about a month. I finally had 6 bbc's in me at the same time. I tell you, after my first time with 5 cocks inside me, I felt so much more like a woman but also felt a new level of being owned and caged. It's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself. I really love everything about being owned by BBC
My wife has already said she has a fantasy where she is "used" by a group of black men, held down while she takes their black cocks to suck and in her pussy. Struggling at first against them but evidently giving to the delight of it all and enjoying and making sure she punished me for not stopping it in the first place by submitting to them.
I like the rush one can get from fear of the unknown. It's one thing to fuck several guys at the same time if you already know them. We like riding far out into the country down dirt roads that lead out to farm hand houses. Pull up there on a Friday night just before dark, get undressed and walk up to the door. Inside are 25-30 Black men who are strong as oxen, most seem to not get pussy very often, and many have never had a white slut, and they all seem to beslightly intoxicated.


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.... There would be a guy( #3) laying on his back and flat on the floor and she would be stratling him. He would be beneith the bench seat bottom with his head and shoulders beyond the guys legs in which she is sucking.
Except, that if you look closely, there is a brace running across the bottom of the bench which would make it extremely uncomfortable, if not impossible for guy #3 to lay beneath the bench bottom.
Unless he were to lay so that his head were behind her ass and his legs could rise up over the brace, but then that would eliminate the other men from getting behind her to fuck her as guy #3 most likely wouldn't want their fat hairy asses on his chest.