White Ladies; what are YOUR rules for sex with BBC?


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i thought I would bring a different perspective since there is a thread about what a "BBC's rules are for white women." It's only fair that we too have rules, or expected rules, when it comes to having sex with a BBC.

Mine are simple,
1- Be respectful
2- Be clean
3- Please "me" first
4- Don't expect me to be "your" slut, I'm my husbands slut first and foremost.
5- When I say "don't move" don't! I know what I'm doing
6- Don't just lick my pussy, I want it eaten, and eaten well.
7- My husband will, or will not participate, deal with it either way.
8- Don't push my head down if I'm sucking your cock.
9- You are welcome to suck my nipples, but what gets me off is below the waist.
10- Expect to play safe, unless we say otherwise.
11- Give me time, I have feelings too.

Feel free to dismiss mine as we all have our own idiosyncrasies. I would like to see other women's ideas about this phenomenon.
For us she wants her bull to be clean, smell decent, nails trimmed(that's important for her). I will participate at my Discression. Be dominant and you tell her what YOU want not the other way around. If she is telling you what to do your probably not going to be invited back. You better bring your A game and be prepared to be there a while. She is not your girlfriend, don't make love to her, FUCK her! The rougher you are the better. All this and more is talked about before we meet. We are not into suprising anyone, we tell him exactly what he needs to do and how to treat her. You'd be suprised how many guys say how dominant they are and then when they show up they really aren't.