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White ladies: Have you ever been spanked like this ?

i think the best spankings are done when a cock is inside the woman getting spanked. watching her getting fucked and spanked is the shizzle![/quote

I still want to know where your avatar picture came from. Is it a movie? Thats one BIG BLACK DICK!
I would love to see it in action. I take back all I said about being scared of black cock. That one does scare me.
Tracey, I honestly don't recall where the pic came from. But when I saw it, I had to have it! Don't be scared honey, it will only hurt the first few times! LOL
mine like to be humiliated, i say she was a bad girl, i spank her little ass... i say she has a tight goodlike ass, and she become wet... And when i fuck her that slide. She like too when she is hurted when she is fucked at the beginning. Because she feel she is tight, i ever fucked her in the ass without lubrifing her asshole. this is why she prefer threesome with black men, this is taboo for her and i punish her.