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White ladies: Coming on your body ?

i prefer to swallow or have him cum in me..but it's kinda kool when he cums on my tummy..it looks so hot
The first time that my wife ever swallowed a load of cum was when Edwin, our black friend and my wife's first ever lover other than myself, (his blackness was a real bonus) blew a load down her throat!

She liked it so much that she sucked him dry several more times over the following four days, swallowing and licking him clean each and every time!

I'm still waiting my turn!:furious:

ps. We've posted a review of this on this site! It's in the Interracial Story section if you're interested!
mm i really had to read all your opinions..cause in the heat of the moment i def like it inside pussy or ass..but if your
multi orgasmic..and can unload several times..then anywhere you want as long as you get it up over and over again