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White husband watching a Black bull taking me in our bed



The idea of having a black man and my white husband taking turns to satisfy me really turns me on. My husband has a nice 8inch cock and is fantastic in bed. we both like to roleplay and the scenario mostly involves me being a sex hungry cheating housewife and he plays the part of a superior cocked black lover who loves taking white wives from thier white husbands.
We both know that if we act out this fantasy for real, and i take a black lover my white pussy may become black owned. Then my husband may have to take the spare bedfor real, where his only release would be to masterbate his white cock to the sounds of his white wife and the superior black bull cumming together
My advice is don't compare the sex it could cause issues just see it for what it is very good. It also depends your husband might want the submission in a sense if you can call it that. My wife knew i was into IR sex she had many of the same concerns. Im not small but after watching IR porn she admitted she had always wanted bbc. She liked the size and their dominance in bed.

My wife sees her bbc lover (and his brother often times too) on Saturdays I can go with if I ask and have. I get the spare bed on that night if I go. Just being able to listen and letting the mind wander is highly erotic. My wife gets them to tape it we often watch them back in bed.

I trust my wife i know how good the sex is I am not about to start comparing it because its like love just different with each person. People have their pluses and minuses in life and I just try and focus on the areas I know my wife likes that most other guys don't cover...any decent partner would. If your in a relationship thats purely sex driven I would tread lighlty its an addictive lifestyle if its not blanaced for both partners it can lead to problems. As long as your husband gets something out of it and your not comparing him directly unless asked these things help.

Good luck just don't rush and talk. You can take a step back if your both on the same page its better just to be clear from the start where you both stand and see it going so you both have a clear picture.