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White guys, have you ever sucked a black dick?

there is no not sucked black, though frankly speaking, if was an opportunity, then отсосал. but the White sucked and I сосали, this is a very nice!
Perhaps a lot of gay men had sucked black dicks, but this question was made for all those hetero white guys that enjoy a lot watching their wives being fucked by black guys. Some of them perhaps wish assist their wives giving them a great blow job before bbcs fuck their wives...

My white husband is hetero but he felt so excited, when I told him how I had been fucked by my ex black boyfriend, that he said me if he would have been there, surely he would have made us oral sex before we fucked! So he would have sucked his cock...
very hot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
They're just broad category labels that break down upon closer examination. I'd say we're ALL bi-sexual to greater or lessor degrees. I think the labels usually apply to expressed (as opposed to latent) gender preferences. Some of the people most afraid of being called gay are seriously over that line but can't admit it even to themselves. How sad it that?

I'd say it's not the act that defines us ... it's the erotic content. What turns us on ...

oh yeah, MMMDI ... putty in your hands. I've been straight all my life but I'm pretty sure you could change that anytime you wanted. You're a dangerous girl ya know!? For you, emasculation is a sporting event. LOL

ya know, I wrote a fictional story about you long before I met you! https://www.blacktowhite.net/threads/a-short-story-of-seduction-betrayal-and-inevitable-demise.2599/
like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,