White girls 'ring fencing' themselves for Black Only

Hi to this fantastic community... love and best wishes to you all for 2013. I thought I'd copy the following email I received last year for a submission on my Tumblr blog. Read and enjoy! Copied the photo that came with the email too.

Hi I’m Cindi… Loving your tumblr blog :)

19 and in FDA. I thought i’d tell you my lil rules my gf and I came up with after reading your blog and chatting online :)

A few months back I chatted with an older white female who helped me develop my fantasies about black men. I realized that my fantasies were totally natural and very common! She got me into interracial porn and since then all of my hardest orgasms have been masterbating about black guys :) I’ve chatted with so many other girls now about going ‘black only’ for real and find it sooo erotic. My gf and I came up with 6 lil rules to ‘ring fence’ ourselves for black only and keep us on track… Even though we’re not actually fucking black guys yet. It’s just HOT to know that we’re already off limits to white boys ;) Can you post this for us?! Pretty pleeeese!! Xxx

1. I will view INTERRACIAL PORN involving superior black men whenever I feel horny and need to masterbate… I will never look at porn involving white males

2. I will dedicate ALL of my orgasms from now on to the powerful and assertive black male, imaging Big Black Cock as I cum

3. I will RING FENCE myself for ‘black only’ and enjoy knowing that my sex is off limits for white boys

4. I will PROMOTE interracial sex and encourage my gfs to ‘ring fence’ themselves for black only too

5. I will DRESS for black… Wearing heels and stockings… And love secretly feeling sexy for black men

6. I will IGNORE all racist views from my family and friends, and contrary to those views, seek black friends at school/college/work and online