white girls dancing with black men


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don't but love to let bull rub his body against mine love it when I feel a rock hard blck cock
My hubby takes me to black dance clubs so I can put my body out on the dance floor and I have black men literally all over me! I stroke so many rock hard cocks through their pants and they put their arms around me and push their stiff black cocks against my pussy and grind against my ass! The other night this guy had a huge hard cock and we were dancing and he got his buldge right against my clit and held me there kissing me and grinding my clit until I exploded and started cumming and I grabbed his hand and told my husband Ill be back and I took this guy straight out to my van and I fucked him so hard.His cock was the biggest I have ever had and he hurt me but I wanted it so fucking bad after he got me off on the dance floor! He had a real hard time getting inside of my tiny pussy but once he did he fucked me so deep and hard I was screaming and my van was bouncing and I didnt care I just wanted to feel him cum and OMG he did.It took me an hour to be able to walk right again so I could get back on the dance floor again! But I did and I even sucked a guy off, on the dance floor while a few guys surrounded me so I wouldnt be seen.I love dancing in black clubs!


I hope its okay to post my Asian wife dancing with black men tho this thread is for white girls. Didn't see a thread for Asian wives dancing with black men. My wife loves to dance and enjoys dancing with black men.Su at blues bar.jpg Su at blues bar 2.jpg
Su at blues bar.jpg