White Girls Chattering with Friends About....

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I believe that this is a very important part of the lifestyle for the ladies to introduce the idea to some of her girlfriends. Although it is as equally important as to which friends this applies to in which she knows which ones to talk to about it and which ones would be a mistake to bring it up to.

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Dude, you asked do women talk. Seriously.

Women talk all the time and about everything. At times, many of them can't stop talking. LOL

Subjects range from stupid to more stupid to girlie crap to actually issues and personal matters and reflections about the happenings in the world and so on. Women talk and, oh god, can and do they talk.When girls talk sex (which does seem to be very often) that comes in the same flooding format as everything else women chat about.

As far as sex goes: I used to think us men and our locker room chat, as it was, was the raunchiest of discussions. What the gals do share is far more in depth and in detail. Sex is not off limits for gal chat and if there is any sort of kinky or wild sex (BBC fucking) that will get broadcast to other trusted and approving like minded women.

Every listen in on you GF's phone talks? I don't mean pick up the other line, just be in the room and it is hard to not hear all she is going on and on to another girl with. Sex included in the phone updates.

Ever sit in a dinner booth and in the booth next to you are 4-6 women? Old, teens, wives and mothers and such, it matter not: They all will talk and talk and talk. Even some sex can crop up there is the girls get going. So too as bars and lounges and groups of women there. My lord, do women talk!

BBC sex adventures, like all thrilling sex matters, are fair game.

Women, you know I have only love you each and every one of you. Even if you can't halt the chatter at times. ;)

Yes ... girls talk ...

All the time, converted a few to the life of BBC as well
I have to say, a few years ago I would have just thought this was some white guy's masochistic fantasy.


My girl (Cindy) and I attended a private party. Previously we'd had a few BBC threesomes but decided hosted parties were safer and more likely to yield a good match for us. This particular party was promoted as interracial but what I later came to find out was that it was a "conversion" party. What I didn't know ahead of time was that we were the only white couple invited. All the others knew each other well. Each couple consisted of a gorgeous white girl and a well hung black guy.

When we arrived the party was in full swing. Our host encouraged us to disrobe in the entry hall ... taking our clothes to the closet. She smiled appreciatively as my Cindy's top came off. I detected a slight smirk as I shed my pants. I knew that was part of the whole interracial atmosphere and didn't think much of it but what I soon found out was just how serious this little club was ... especially the women.

We were introduced ... everyone was super friendly ... we were completely put at ease. I have to say, it was probably the best party we've ever attended. I did begin to suspect we weren't being told everything when I noticed various winks and hushed conversations going on around us but I had no idea this had all been arranged.

Cindy was soon escorted into a back bedroom while I was shown a seat in the conversation pit. That was fine with me. My girl loves BBC and there was plenty there for her. I love perky tits and seated all around were these hot, hard bodied women eager to engage in conversation with me. I was in heaven! There was a bit of ice breaking chit chat but the conversation fairly quickly turned into what I can only characterize as a "penis fest." I've never heard women talk so openly and frankly about their preferences before. Prowess and stamina, Yes ... size, Yes ... Black, absolutely. These were women who could have pretty much any guy they wanted. It was incredible to listen in on their sexiest, most erotic thoughts.

From time to time my dick would spontaneously get hard (even though no one paid any attention to it) which would be met with some giggling comments about other small guys who had tried to get into their pants. That led to a whole nother rather animated conversation about the "hand down the front of the pants" test that so many guy's failed on the first date. I quietly remembered that test. I'd always naively enjoyed it but I never thought of it as a test. Suddenly I realized I must have failed that test 15 times or more when I was in college. I tried to maintain a poker faced smile but Shelley looked at me, "yeah ... you've been tested a few times, haven't you?" I gazed at her gorgeous tits as I nodded.

At first they were gentle repeating it wasn't personal ... that a guy can't help it if he's a bit "below average" and that there's there is more to making love making than just what a guy has between his legs. I was mesmerized by the beauty of these girls and soon I found myself drawn deeply into their individual accounts of "discovering BBC" and stories of how white dicks just never satisfied them after that.

One girl blurted out rather untactfully, "only skanks do little pasty white ones now." Sally laughed nervously, "Oh but don't take offence Jack ... your girl is beautiful ... we love her!" They all nodded their agreement.

As the drinks loosened all of our tongues they began pointing out their boyfriends as each emerged from down the hall. They congratulated me on my willingness to bring my girl here to get "what you can't provide." I meekly asserted that it was just something extra Cindy and I like to do once in awhile to spice up our sex life.

Then, after a pregnant pause in the conversation, Tiffany, long legged model perfect "c" cupped brunette, leaned my way, twirled her silky hair between her long slender fingers and softly asked, "haven't you heard a word we've been saying ... Jack?" Slightly puzzled I hesitated when another chimed in, "this isn't your girl's first time, right?" I acknowledged the fact. There was a muffled group giggle. Then another said, "she fakes it." There was a group wide knowing nod. I felt the room temperature drop a few degrees but tried to maintain a smile. "I'm sorry Jack," Tiffany continued, "but look down there between your legs ... really ... do you think THAT little thing excites her ... admit it, you KNOW she fakes it, don't you?" They all sat back like a major truth had just been given the light of day.

Tiffany, on roll now drove the point home, "I'll bet she hasn't given you a blow job in years, has she?!" Still reeling from the frankness of the conversation (and Tiffany's beauty) I murmured, "well ... that's true ... but ... um, Cindy doesn't like to do that."

Just then, Kirsten called down the hall. We all looked up as her boyfriend emerged ... his ample flaccid member still glistening. He came over as Kirsten rose inviting him to over to the wet bar for refills. Almost casually he looked back at me and announced, "My god but that little girl of yours is a hell of an enthusiatic cocksucker ... you're a lucky guy!"

Tiffany looked me dead in the eye, "Look around you Jack ... you seem like a nice guy ... but we're telling you what the world is too polite to say ... what Cindy's been too nice to tell you." Stunned, I gazed back into her hazel eyes and silently mouthed, "I know." She smiled soooo sweetly and reached out between my legs. I gasped as this perfect woman wrapped her fingers around my instantly rock hard cock. "You like that, don't you?" I hoarsly said, "God, yes!" "Do you think I'd ever let you fuck me?" Averting my gaze I shook my head solomly. "Look at me Jack. I want you to go home tonight, go into the bathroom and think of me ... ONLY me ... jerk it off Jack ... jerk it hard ... I want you to WEAR it OUT! I want it soft when you go to bed tonight Jack. I want you to leave Cindy alone. Can you do that for me Jack?" entranced, I nodded. "Good, cause I'm your sex partner from now on Jack." Just then I realized some of the other girls were watching and a couple of the guys. Cindy was there listening. I became totally self-conscious but Tiffany stroked my dick a couple times with her velvet touch continuing, "Only me Jack ... I'm your sex partner ... right?" I glanced at my Cindy who to my surprise nodded her approval. "Don't look at her Jack ... we'll take care of Cindy's needs."

Just then, Tiffany spread her legs rather provocatively, stating, "Jack ... do you want to make me happy?" Breathlessly I said, "oh god ... yes." "Do you want to know what would make me soooo hot ... sooooo wet right now?" Incredulously I responded, "Yes ... I do ... I really want to know." She became almost giddy and pulled my face to her breast. As her protruding nipple passed between my lips she cupped my head tighter to her bossum, "Jack, give up women ... be my little jerk off sissy" I suckled ... and suddenly the whole group broke out in applause.

She lowered her lips to my ear before the room quieted and whispered, "promise me Jack ... no more pussy for your cute little weenie ... and someday, you're going to suck cock for me."

I know now that it was all a setup but if was all like a dagger through my manhood.

The night wore on ... conversation for me ... non stop bedroom games for Cindy. Tiffany flaunted her sexy body and later invited me to watch her have sex with her boyfriend. As we were leaving, fully dressed she gave me a hug, slipped her hand down inside my pants and whispered loud enough for all to hear, "No more pussy Jack ... it's mine." She kissed me and I realized I'd do anything she asked.

In the days that followed, each of the women called, emailed and texted my Cindy inviting her out to lunch ... to shopping sprees ... just to come over and chit chat. They've all become close friends now.

Tiffany, true to her word checked in with me making sure I was being faithful to her ... making sure I would never be able to unwrap myself from around her little finger.

The group has made sure Cindy gets reconnected regularly with any of the guys she wants ... pretty much convinced her that continuing to fake it with me was not appropriate.

So, yes ... women talk!



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one of my friends (the one we all consider the 'wild one'), told us all about a black guy she started dating. it's kind of a taboo thing for us paki/indian girls to be dating black guys so we were all very curious while she teased us with the details. I've not told any of my friends (well, none from this group of friends, anyway) about my fun times with other men so i had to sit there with a smirk while pretending to be shocked and curious.

i was surprised how interested all my friends were. especially when talk about size and thickness came up (which i guess it always does!). in the right circumstances, i have a feeling nearly all of them would give it a go, albeit apprehensively and with lots of worries about being stretched out to the point hubby might notice her feeling looser than usual down below.

i want to confess what i've been doing to that friend of mine but she's a blabber mouth.