White Girls at Spring Break


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GF got a bit excited thinking about the girls on Spring Break after i told her that i thought a number of them were wanting to try a BBC.
That's when it happened for me. Padre Island Tx. Whorring at an all night kegger. Got into it with the hotel doorman who help[ed me to my bed as I came in stumbling in the lobby. Hr helped me to the door, and sat me on th bed. I mouthed off a thank you and something about Black men and BBC laughing like an idiot, he asked me if I wanted proof or knew what I was asking. I told him something insulting , he told me after.
So he showed me th bulge in his pant which was for me at that time super huge, to what i was used seeing. I came closer to the edge of my bed and caressed it. I remember thinking at the time I just touched a tree branch, it was so side and hard. I unzipped him with trembling hands and pull it out from his pants. The head was somehow strangled in his skin, I pulled the skin down and he grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock and into my open mouth.
I sucked and licked his knob trying to take more in. He kept pushing it in till I choked on it, spitting breathing all I could making a lot of gargling noises, he pulled a bit out and started pumping my mouth ; telling me how he loves to face fuck rich little white bitches and how he wanted to cum in my mouth and make me his fuck toy.. taking pics with his cell phone...when he came I almost hurled , there was so much thick salty cum. what came out of my mouth and dribbled on my tits, he made me scoop and lube my pussie.
He said he will come the next night , better be here wet and ready for Reggie.
He came back every night after that, making me want him more and more every time.