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White "girlfriend" addicted to black dick

So me and this girl are sort of in an unofficial relationship. We're not dating or having sex because she's "not ready for a relationship" but for all intents and purposes we are pretty much bf and gf. Anyway, one of the reasons she doesn't want a relationship is she loves all sorts of casual sex. She pretty much always has a friend with benefits that she's seeing any given point in time.

Well recently she told me she had sex with her first ever black guy a few months ago and he had a monster dick. For years we joked about her having a black fetish but it turns out it wasn't a joke - she has fantasized about fucking a black guy for a very long time. She talked about her experiences with him to me for HOURS and I just found it so freaking hot. This girl is pretty small - she's 5'5 and very small framed. She said she started hooking up with this guy and was surprised how much she loved his 9 inch dick. At first, it didn't all fit of course. She told him not to use all of it because she was intimidated by its size but he literally told her to "shut up" and then he rammed it home all the way to the balls and just went to town on her, pounding harder than she's ever had before. She loved every second of it. It stretched her out completely and told me she could feel him up near her belly button which was something she had never had before. This guy could reach her guts!

She said he commented on how great her ass was "for a white girl." She said they didn't do anal because she thought it might hurt too much being how he was very thick but he would slap her ass all the time during sex and also fingered it with two fingers while he fucked her pussy.

She said he was really rough and would pull her hair and push her legs down past her shoulders as he drilled as deep as he could. At first they used a condom but she told me after the first time he didn't want to anymore so she agreed to allow him not to as long as he pulled out (she's not on birth control). She told me her pussy juices completely soaked his dick and it was glistening whenever he would pull it out. Then she would suck it, tasting her own juices as well as his.

She said he did ask to cum in her anyway but she again said no so instead he started giving her dozens and dozens of facials. She said there was a "good amount" of cum and it would get all over her face. She'd suck him dry before wiping it off. She also mentioned that a few times he even smacked her in the face with his huge dick. She didn't seem to know quite what this meant but when I told her it was a domination thing she really liked it. She liked being completely dominated to this guy. She admitted she loved the sex so much that even if he had came in her after saying no she wouldn't have minded and would have continued seeing him anyway.

I must admit thinking of her face being covered with baby batter from a black man got me pretty horny. I told her she should have let him cum deep in her pussy. He has since moved away but she said if they ever see each other again she would. They saw each other weekly for about three months and I'm kind of hoping he stops back for a visit as I'd love for her to be filled up by him. The fact she's not on birth control just makes it so much hotter that she's willing to let him blast so deep inside her. Visualizing this guy driving his monster cock as deep into her as it can go, pulsating as he orgasms and his cum leaking out of her. God!

I'm currently trying to talk her into doing a threesome with two black guys now which she says she is totally willing to try but is unsure she could handle two guys thrusting the fuck out of her.
So ever since having this conversation with her and posting this story, I haven't been able to take my mind off her getting railed by a BBC. This girl is very independent and assertive in regular life but the fact he just completely dominated her, making her his cock slave to the point she was pretty much BEGGING for his dick, turns me on so freaking much! It has gotten to the point where the thought of her taking a full 9 inches to the balls is as enjoyable to me as it must have been for her to take it.

I really want to talk to her again about trying to set up a DP with two black men but I'm not sure how to broach the subject. Does anybody here any have advice or suggestions on how to talk to her about it?
hot story....would love to see how 'small' she really is
I will PM you a picture. If anybody else wants it then PM me and I will show you. Just don't feel totally comfortable posting it without her knowledge and I don't think she would appreciate me posting here! She's usually very shy and private lol.

I should also add she told me straight up she may not ever go back from black guys. I think it was more the size though because she also said she hopes to never go smaller than 8 inches.
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What does it means? Being a good boy while your gf will become a good slut for her black lovers, clean the house, cook for her, drive her to be pounded while you wait in the car, let her get her total freedom while you will lose yours and congratulate who she would have become and admit your cuck fate ...
Got an update! I talked to her last night about doing the DP and she said she is definitely going to do it and is planning one for the first week of December. Holy shit she is going to have not one but TWO black men just having their way with her! I will definitely update this thread when it happens with the story.

Oh and she also promised she would let them both cum deep in her. She said she's probably going on birth control though just in case. Still, gonna be pretty hot. I hope that they last long enough to shoot multiple times each. Unfortunately won't have any pictures since she is afraid they would "get out."
I talked to her about this the other day and she told me it is legitimately scheduled for within the next 2 weeks. One of the black guys is going to be the guy she used to see which I talked about in this thread. The other is one of his friends whom she has never met, never seen, and never talked to. A complete stranger and yet she is going to fuck him! So hot...