White dicks look better when fully shaved

White dicks look better when fully shaved

  • Fully shaved looks best.

    Votes: 26 89.7%
  • Trimmed looks best.

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Unshaved looks best.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I tried growing a small trimmed strip above my dick once but gone back to shaving it all off as I think it looks nicer, what have other white boys tried..?


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Hairless is definitely in ... you can go to the beaches & public showers and see that is true.
Both my wife & I shave ... actually, we use a "No, No" machine. She's been hairless for over 5 years now and uses baby cream on her labias and mound ... she's as soft & smooth as a baby's butt. I started a couple years ago when she bought that machine. I use to have hair on my chest (small amount) but now I'm smooth, too ... and working on enhancing my abs now. Mac :)
ann 11-23-09 057.jpg Only way we,ll be or play with others !!!. not only feeeeels so much better but its healthier for her !!!. Dont get me Wrong now, i,ve seen some Damn beautiful Bushs on some fine ass cunts, but i,ll help her keep hers Smoooooth forevermore ! :dance: Oh & in this pic shes the one who shaved her cunt " NOT I ", i dont miss a single hair !
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