white cuckold castration


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I knew a guy who's wife wanted him to have low hanging sac.
So after castration she pot these nylon balls into the sac and then placed ball stretchers on him for a few years.
He had the sac almost to his knees. 352787575.jpg
Testicular cancer ... trust me, you'd do it without hesitation. I had a work associate (age 42) that died from testicular cancer because he waited too long before having the surgery.
i ha dit at age 21 and lost my left testicle but im still alive and well. i would like to lose my other testicle but like it down medically and professionally without any problems. not sure how yet to go about that tho.
been fantasizing about castration since my first highschool gf rejected me for a real man. I mean I was sucking cock and cheating on her, but finally admitting to myself that these masculine traits make my life more difficult than it's worth, has my fantasy of castration come very close to reality. One therapist suggested female hormones of chemical castration, but I begged off as they would reduce my ability to work.

Next year after we get married, chemical castration has been planned.