White cuck looking for BBC loving partner

I'm a well-educated white UK male looking for an alternative lifestyle relationship with a white female. I'm very bohemian and unconventional in outlook both sexually, socially and politically, and would love to meet someone with a similar or complementary outlook.
No matter how well a couple get on outside of the bedroom if there are sexual problems then the relationship doesn't completely fulfil one or both parties and that's why at the outset I'm looking for a female who complements my sexuality.
Basically I am a cuckold male who gains pleasure from seeing my partner gain sexual satisfaction from other men, specifically black men. I am by nature a beta male and actively enjoy taking the beta role in a cuckold relationship where my partner exclusively fucks black men (or women of any race, colour etc). The beauty of a big black male with a white female is something I can't supply but is something I can enjoy with you, whether in body or spirit.
Hence, I'm looking for a white female with a real passion for black men! Of course, also someone who is interested in a cuckold relationship and the opportunities that such a relationship offers.
Would love to hear from any white women who may be interested in something a bit different.