White Cpl ISO Cpls. W/Black Male Reno Nv.

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    profile.jpg 35 yr. old White WDife Slut for BBC. Big Titties. Shaved Tight Pussy, Cum swallowing, Take it in the Butt, Sub. With Hubbys consent to Fuck all the Black men I want. As long as they bring him pussy (open to all races) We are still kinda novices to the IR scene. Not to picky we discovered its difficult to find Cpls. W/BM that are into Cpls. W/WM. Hubby is 50yr. 7in. Licks pussy like a dyke doing life (rim too) both are str8. We cant host teenagers at home. Will share cost of Room. We only Hook up with Couples
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    Wow I'm thinking it's time for a trip to reno..