white couple seeking advice


jamesand sue

TO Black bulls ;cuckold husbands and Hot wives who already had their bulls . I am seeking advice
we are married couples I am fifty seven she 37 Our swinging started after one years of our marriage. She was twenty-four I was forty 44 we started as swinging with other couples the first couple were a white young man with large endowment and his partner after having few drinks pulled from her parse a photo of his credential he was about 11/ 12 inches long my wife went red from embarrassment to cut a long story short we went in each separate room Personally I could not perform as I wanted to be in the same room well his partner tried to give me head all the game in the world did not work We join them I saw my wife wide open and he is plustring her bare back all what I saw and heard harder Please his partner went toward my wife and start to play with nipples and kiss them and lick them he fucked about four times before they let in the early hours of the morning his partner did fuck my wife after him and clean her up she was sore for few days after This incident I know i am a voyiour our swinging kept on steady any time we had couple i ended watching the idea of cuckold did not come to her or to me as Ia m able to hold my end i am good size for a white man and I was the bull in her life matters developed she begins to pick up her bulls from all over go out enjoy her self back teeling all about it and i would make love to her when she just been with her lovers however i always wanted to have a black for her and i mange to arrange a meeting in a hotel and i was to be there to take snap shots for large cocks since then All our adult meeting I tended not to participate rather than watch things had developed in 2003. 04 she and the meeting happened and he remind with us for may 8 up to the early hours of the morning all type off sucking position you named they done it she was satisfied and not satisfied she confined in me that there not a drop of semen came out of him not even a pre cum ? she became a hot wife had about four bulls she used to go and meet them about three times a week on regular bases I was not allowed to attend but when she get back on my request clean her up and make things got on the way life family work things started to slow down bits by bit till the whole thing stopped no bulls we made love and she still as hot as ever Last year we had the chance to be on our own and I thought we might revisit the whole thing again all what she says when mention the past few years and her bulls she does not want to know and i am sex mad but she still as hot as ever do you all think there is hope of bring her back as hot wife or should I close this chapter of our life for ever mind you she do not do porn films,toysor adult site she do things the old way I find my lovers my way ? Thanks