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White Couple in Dallas late 30's - Looking


Real Person
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I am husband of a beautiful white wife. We have been married about 6 years. My wife is very intelligent and college educated. Sexually we were pretty normal couple. Ok but nothing overly exciting. A few years ago I started playing IR movies when we made love. She soon could tell that i was turned on for me. She even started teasing me about it. I could tell though that seeing the well endowed blk guys were turning her on as well. About a year ago I introduced a black dildo to our fun that she teased about but took. Now a year later we are using a new huge blk toy and actively flirting with idea of a real meeting. She uses the black toy every time we fool around. She has come to really appreciate large black men.

So looking to find the right person for her. She is very sweet and innocent type. Not looking for someone too aggressive or a bull. She wants to sweet talked then fucked like crazy. Might develop a regular bf on the side. She is 5'6 120, 34a, brown hair, white skin (irish) and very cute. She would probably be most interested in a friendly, out going, respectful blk man between ages 25 & 40. Must be in shape, funny and well endowed (8+). Let me know if you are a fit for her.