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white boys favorite positions! comments?

My favorite came recently because we are still kinda breaking the ice with her bull and his equally well hung brother. I don't mind cleanup because it involves my wife and its just very horny its actually the snese of power my wife must get and her bull bcause I am sure she tells him. I am more of a watcher overall its more about

My favorite so far are two I know up until recently my wife was an anal virgin. It was very horny to see her riding her bull ontop facing away with her ass bent over high in the air. Pussy full from bellow and her other bull above monkeying into her fine ass. Pics from all angles of this are amazing but the best has to be When the cam points toward her face. I love seeing her look of pleasure as he is above her enjoing her tight ass.

I also like seeing my wife after she a long facefuck session wet with his cock throbbing and busting his nut all over her cute asian face. Incredbly horny considering they are 43 and 45 and my wife is a cute 27 year old asian girl. I dont think it would be the same if they were younger.


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I can say that when my wife rides me reverse cowgirl she is soooooo hot that I never last long. I'd love to watch her ride a HUGE black cock that way, I doubt they would last long either, at least the first time....
For me its THE position that I can appreciate your fine ass with my cock and tongue . . . u def have a great ass that needs lots of attention. Your bf is def a lucky man. Your ass def needs to be eventually entered as well but slowly and with patience.


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I prefer girl-on-top ... doesn't really matter if she's facing me or not, however, if she's facing away, I can put my hands on her hips and make sure I'm hitting that "special place" with my cock, as I lock my feet into the footboard of the bed. Its also pretty hot to watch her slowly rise off my cock after I've cum, to see my cum drip back out of her and onto my deflating cock ... the lips of her well fucked pussy look so deliciously like a juicy taco. Then she simply scoots backwards on her knees, placing her hot box just inches from my lips so I can tongue her and lap up all our juices, making sure to lick that tingling clit a bit more and watch as she shakes through another orgasm ... awesome!
My favorite position is sitting in a chair drinking an ice cold fucking beer, bout as close to the action as im gonna get,,maybe sit up and snap a few shots...other than that i couyld give a fuck if i was even in the room, hell chances are im busy anyway...:cool: