White boy wants black man

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    Im a 22 year old male who wants yo experience his first black cock. Need a bi bbc and once youve converted me you have the keys to my gf. Take her from me. Breed her. Send her back filled with cum and let me lick her dry.
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    I want the same thing.. I want my virgin as dominated by a big cock!
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    Now That's What I Call commitment. Good for you. Generally it takes seeing the girlfriend with a BBC before wanting to try it your self or at least considering fantasize about it, but you my friend are a step ahead of the rest. You probably knew the first time your eyes got a glimpse of black dick that it was for you, far superior and absolutely something to be worshipped and served in the fullest degree. Now you just make sure you don't hold out on your girlfriend. You cannot deprive her of such an experience and pleasure and possibly sleep at night. Let her submit and give herself 2 the much deserving and Worthy black dick. She cannot be stretched the way she will from anything other than the mighty meaty magnificent and mouth-watering black cock
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    I would Love to be owned and dominateted by any woman and her big Black Bull to be humiliated and used by both to pleasure both as I was born to do like an inferior white boi sissy cuck for sexual pleasure.:qos::sex::blackgreedy::mstickle::mstickle: deniece2015@hotmail.com