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White Aussie wife

If it is a true and strong desire , YES.
It will be better and easier if your husband is in agreement and wants you to be Blackened.
If you are going on your own, without his knowledge and consent, then be very careful not to be caught and ruin your marriage.
Personally, I would Love to see pictures here on B to W of you getting BBC and loving it.
Be a real BBC SLUT and let them CUM IN YOU!!


Gold Member
I am a married white Aussie wife that has recently become interested in black cock. Should I go through with it?
That depends on if your husband supports your desires.
If he does, fantastic! Make sure the guy is clean, use birth control, and have a blast!
If hubby does not support your ideas, you have a choice. choice 1: Suffer and try to convince him to support your ideas. choice 2: Either hire or plan on hiring a good divorce attorney and then go through with it. If you have kids or a business together, plan on the divorce getting brutally ugly. choice 3: Suffer in silence.
Either way, only you can decide whether he will support you or how much your marriage is worth to you.
Good luck.