Which questions would your wife answer yes to?

Wifey would say "Yes"

  • I sucked a big black cock

    Votes: 211 71.0%
  • I have fucked black men without my husband's knowledge

    Votes: 93 31.3%
  • My husband has watched me fuck a black man

    Votes: 168 56.6%
  • I have taken on two or more black men at once

    Votes: 122 41.1%
  • I haven't yet, but I would love to fuck a black man

    Votes: 61 20.5%
  • I have let a black man cum inside me

    Votes: 186 62.6%
  • Once on vacation I fucked a black man but my husband doesn't know

    Votes: 49 16.5%
  • I have fucked a black man in our bed while my husband is at work

    Votes: 91 30.6%
  • I have taken a black man's load in my mouth

    Votes: 183 61.6%
  • I have taken a black cock that is twice the size of my husband's

    Votes: 163 54.9%

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Well..lol..hubby is over 8"...and I'm not so sure I would want to have something 16" even if one did exist...YIKES!!!!
OK,maybe not. Your hubby has me beat by a little,but I'm not exactly a needledick myself. A lot of people on here seem to think that white men only come in one size,small. Who cares as long as everybody has fun? I still love white women who enjoy BBC!