Which of these rules are the most important and what would you add?

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    1) No Black Man can ever be denied sex. He should NEVER have to jerkoff.
    2) Black Men NEVER wear condoms unless He requests it.
    3) Always defer to the intelligence and desires of Black Men. Seek their advice on all matters first.
    4) Black Women always have first rights to Black Men.
    5) In the presence of Black Woman a white woman must first ask their permission to serve Black Men.
    6) If a Black man consents, a Black Women may request the service of a white woman at anytime. No denial can be given.
    7) In sexual meetings always present yourself to a Black Man on a hands and knees position unless otherwise requested.
    8) Always have a Black Man climax inside your body. Black Sperm should NEVER touch the floor or ground. Any Black Sperm that may "leak" must be gathered by hand, consumed or saved. NEVER wiped with a towel or tissues.
    9) Always clean a Black Man after he has climaxed with your mouth first and then with a warm towel.
    10) Always disrobe first and dress last in the presence of a Black Man.
    11) Always thank a Black Man or Black Women for the honor and pleasure of serving them.
    12) If you are meeting a Black Man for the first time at his home or your home you must offer to disrobe and allow the Black Man to review your body. If he chooses for you to disrobe it is his right to either continue with the date or meeting once he as examined your body. If he does not approve of your body and decides he wishes to leave you will thank him for his time and apologize for not being physically appealing to his Black Eye. DO NOT offer sex or your body if the Black Man wishes to leave. He will make the decision on your body NOT you. It would be an insult to offer him services if He is not pleased with your physical appearance.
    13) A Black always reserves the right to offer your services to another Black Man or Black Women. If the Black Man chooses to offer your services to a white man you must comply. This service to the white man is only done out of respect and to honor the Black Man's request, no OTHER reason. If possible the white man should not climax inside your body. Cleanup with a towel or tissue is permissible and preferred. Do not offer you mouth for cleanup.
    14) In a serious relationship a Black Man has the right to examine, criticize and demand alterations to your body. These may include weight gain or loss, tattoos, piercing, shaved or non-shaved pubic hair. The Black Man may also request changes in hairstyle, makeup, clothing and general overall appearance.
    15) If possible, you should remain naked in the home of a Black Man. Only dressing to leave the home. If being naked at all times is not possible you should be naked when the Black Man is at home.
    16) In a serious relationship oral sex should be given to the Black Man when he first awakes, when he arrives home from work and before going to sl**p. There are other times during the course of the day services may be requested but the three times listed above should be performed routinely and without ever being asked.
    17) In a serious relationship you are NEVER, EVER to ask for sex. Your pleasure is received from pleasing your Black Man. If he wishes to perform oral on you and make you climax that is his wish NOT yours. If you need to climax and the Black Man does not need service you request the permission to pleasure yourself. It is the Black Man's discretion whether or not you may pleasure yourself and if He does grant permission, it is also His discretion to decide whether or not it be performed in private or before him.
    18) In a serious relationship if you and the Black Man have careers and work outside the home you may be allowed to wear underwear. This is still at the discretion of the Black Man but unless he denies that right you may wear under garments. A waste chain inscribed with words chosen by the Black Man should be worn beneath your cloths while at work. In lieu of being allowed to wear underwear, the waist chain will serve as a reminder of your service to the Black Man
    19) In any relationship with a Black Man a white woman should attempt to recruit other white woman to serve the Black Man. A white woman's goal is to please a Black Man with her body but it also means having other white woman do the same. The Black Man's pleasure is paramount. Any white woman who has had black cock, should email EVERY white woman she knows THIS website as a gift. She should tell her friends to read every page and offer to share her studs to get her started.
    Additional proposed rules
    The Black man has the right to tell his white woman when she has become too old to remain naked in the house. After that moment her tasks will be limited to house work, washing the dishes and recruiting young white chicks for the black man. She may be allowed to get release when and where the Black Man decides.
    In any relationship, if there are any white “male” guests, a white women will remain naked but show (even) extra affection towards the Black Man and (his black friends and brothers if present), arousing the white guests but denying them any proximity in order to maintain their awareness of the power arrangements in the home. White guests will have to help in serving the Black home owner but shall not be allowed any approach to the white woman, property of the Black Man.
    If the white woman is married to a white man she is forbidden to be naked in the presence of her husband, but will disrobe when the Black Man arrives. Thus, the husband will only see his wife naked when she is being used by the Black Man (or simply when he is present, if he desired only to “rest his eyes”).
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    I think that when a white woman is married and her black man arrive the husband should disrobe her for him and present her to him as his wore.
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