Which chastity device are you locked in?

(For cucks who are locked in a MCD) Which male chastity device are you locked in?

  • High end steel belt, such as the neosteel series

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Im interested to hear from other cucks who wear MCDs (male chastity devices). I have been wearing the CB6000S for about 3 years now but Im thinking about asking my wife if we can switch to the birdlocked brand MCD. Can anyone here share with me any experience with the birdlocked?
I tried one but it's very hard to get on, It's alot easier if you have a low hanging ball sack, the upside is that it's alot softer and easier to wear under clothing, for me the CB-6000 was a better fit, I am thinking about getting the shorter cage to make a tighter fit for my tiny worm like cock!!!;)
My wife loves the long term and it really doesn't need to come off for cleaning so I went a full year no unlocking and no release. She took it off on our anniversary for me to cum and then right back on.