Where to find good locals at?

been looking in Craigslist and just about everywhere for a BBC slut, but all I seem to get is spam bots and fake people and men pretending to be females. Is there any place that's for free that I could go to find a potential bbc slut for without the annoying emails from fake people?
We live in a fairly small town and there is no selection of BBC here. We rely on AFF mostly unless we are out of town. We have not had much luck on CL but have used it and met a couple of decent guys. We usually have to travel to a larger town. We will utilize CL to find a bar/club where black gentleman tend to gather. We have found jazz clubs and upscale hotel bars to be the best in the areas we travel to.
That it is. Its almost like competition for men, whilst the women have a choice. Which isn't bad - I sort of like it that way. But it is quite tough in general, much less for people that are new to places.
I'm not having any luck in Houston either, and I'm not much of a hunter (club or bar creep that pounces on any white lady out there until I get my face kicked in) so I'm having a tough time at it.
Yeah the club scene isn't my style either...I've probably been twice this year...maybe three times? I usually get dragged by a friend in the first place.