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Where in Phoenix AZ

Does anyone know of any good bars or nightclubs in the general Phoenix area where I could take my white wife to go and get picked up by one or more black guys in fulfillment of our lifelong fantasy? I don't mean a swingers club, I mean just a bar or nightclub that is notorious for white women going there to get picked up. We are a married white couple 50 years old she's very attractive big beautiful woman.
were not that bad in phoenix i tell you what how about something a bit more settle ..drinks at a bar
laid back first and get to know one another
Well before reading this I replied to you privately. But here in open forum we like to meet other couples there to create more of a scene. But if we coordinate you could join us when we do an after party from the club.
If you decide to do it that way ... be sure she has a tracking device on her. Seriously!
My wife and I were at a bar and a black man hit on her. They left together and I did not see her for 3 days. He and 2 of his buddies did a number on her. He was nice enough to bring her home and thank me for a great weekend. My wife had black notes written on her boobs, ass and above her pussy. Slut, bitch, great piece of ass etc. After she recovered she said it was the most fantastic sex she eve had. A tracking device would have saved me a lot of worry