Where can we possibly go from here?


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I have to say, we have entered into a time of our marriage I thought we would get to. A couple of weeks ago I invited a good friend to come visit for the weekend and go hiking with the family. It had been a while since he came to visit and we were all excited. Did not at the time realize how excited my wife was.

For years I teased her about how horny she would get when he came to visit, it always made for some hot sex when he left. Well, since we have started opening our marriage I had not thought about it much. Well, since he was coming, my wife had to work long hours to make sure she had the weekend off, so not getting anything didn't seem unusual.

He arrived Friday night and everyone was excited when he got here. We sat getting caught up for a while and then we sent the kids to bed. A short while later we started getting the hide a bed ready with clean sheets. When everything was ready, I got the shock of my life. I was about to say good night when my wife kissed me on the mouth and handed me the blanket and said good night. She then grabbed his hand and lead him upstairs to our bedroom.

As you can imagine, I could not sleep much. Early in the morning I was up fixing breakfast. I was worried the kids would find out the sleeping arrangements. A short while later they both came down, not a word was spoken.

We went though the days hiking plans and such. Saturday night would turn out to be like the night before. We made the bed and they went upstairs. In the morning we all got up and my friend was off to see his brother before heading home. Still not a word from my wife.

A short while later I noticed he left his coat so I sent him a message incase he was still in town. A short while later he showed up to pick it up. We were watching the football game so he sat down and was watching with us. After a while I came out of the bathroom to find only the kids watching the game.

Just as the game ended my friend showed up to watch the last few plays. As the game ended, my wife showed up. This time however she was only wearing her robe. We sent the kids to bed and said good bye to my friend.

After locking down the house we headed to bed. After coming into our room, she closed and locked the door. She told me to strip. As the last sock came off, she pulled the covers back and ordered me to lay down. I turned and found a huge shock. In the middle do the bed was a huge wet spot from I assumed their latest visit. I could also see several other stains in the sheets. As I hesitated in shock, she pushed me from behind and into the bed I went. Laying face up in their juices. She then grabbed our pair of cuffs and tied me to the bed.

As any hubby should, I was rock hard in anticipation when she dropped her robe. She had cum dried all over her chest. She then climbed up on top of me and sat on my chest and spread her legs. A foot away from my face was her soaking wet, cum dropping, red swelled lips. I wanted to suck so bad. She would not allow it, she said she wanted to make sure I was good and horny so she began stroking herself. Before long she was cumming, cum flowing freely from her lips onto my chest.

After she recovered she smiled and began rubbing it into my skin. She smiled and told me thanks for her anniversary present. She then told me that if I wanted mine next weekend I was to be sure I had not cummed between now and then.

With that she rolled off and turned off the light and we went to sleep. This morning she woke me as she left and let me out of my cuffs. She kissed me and reminded me of my requirements to get my gift.

I am dieing of a terminal erection. Every time I think about what has happened I get rock hard again.

I had to share since it seems we finally opened our marriage completely. Do you think that maybe my gift is to watch her with a BBC? Should I risk it? I am so horny.


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Was your friend a black guy? Hot story. I would love to see my wife fucked by bbc. Only bbc. Its something about the black and white. To see a big black cock pumping my wifes shaved cunt drives me wild.