When was your first and how many times?

I was young, maybe 13. Coerced by a fellow teen a few yrs older and then used by him for a while. I only did it as a young teen then much later I started seeing all the BBC porn and things and it got me thinking. I answered a CL add a few yrs ago and the next day I was on my knees sucking a huge Black Cock. Over the last six yrs I've had BBC about a dozen times. I had a girlfriend and didn't fool around for a couple of those yrs.
For me it was at a party. I got pretty drunkk and wandered off. The house was fairly big and there were a lot of us so nobody noticed me leave. I decided in my drunken stupor to go take a shower. Even though I managed to get into the shower without vomiting (a small miracle), I had forgotten to lock the door.

A black guy I barely knew(friend of a friend) walked in about 3 minutes into the shower to go to the bathroom. Well he saw me naked, and to this day I still have no idea why he did it but he opened the shower door and pulled me out by my wrist. I was pretty drunk so I thought it was some sort of joke.

Turns out it wasn't. He push on my shoulders and had me kneel down as he pulled off his clothes. Taking both sides of my head he rubbed my face up against his cock. I again can't place a finger on what drove me to open my mouth and gobble his (compared to mine) massive cock, but the black anaconda was soon pushing its way to the back of my throat. After a good while of this he let go of my head and pushed me back into the still running shower. He stepped in behind me and proceeded to flip me around and fuck me. I just remember being caught up in the moment and actually being relaxed enough to take his sizable phallus. After about 10 minutes he was done. He got out of the shower, dried off, put his clothes back on, and without saying a word left. When I eventually worked up the nerve to leave the shower it turned out he had already left.

I'm not going to lie, I was pissed. But over the next couple of days I found myself going back to that moment to the point where I sought him out and offered another round.

He fucked me a few more times after that night, but would always force me to wear a jockstrap or panties since he claimed that pussies could only cum from being fucked. After about a month I had to go back to college, but ever since then I've been addicted to that undefinable power that is BBC.