When was your definitely conversion at cuckold/interracial fetish?


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I don't wish to read fake stories, just your real experience about the moment when you realized that you had interracial fetish.
In my case it was simple. My wife was into a relationship with an afroamerican guy when I met her. She told me a lot of her sexual experience with him, when we were just friends. Those stories turned me on like crazy.
But the full conversion, into a man with a cuckold/interracial fetish, came during the first time that my wife and me had sex.
She had broken up with him a few days before, but they had been fucking after the break. When she finally decided to break difinitely with him, we fucked for first time over the bed of my room from my parents house.
That was an incredible sensation for me! I couldn't believe that I was going to put my dick in the same pussy in which her ex black boyfriend had put his wonderful black cock during almost 5 years. And I let her know what was I thinking in that moment. She laughed pleased because she felt realesed that I didn't feel jealousy about her previous relation.
I really knew due her stories, how good was her ex boyfriend in bed, so the fact that I was occupying his place in that moment, made me feel fortunated, proud and excited. That was a great honour for me.
Also she had loved a black man and that made me know that she had the capacity to love somebody, no matter the ethnicity...and that was really good for me!
That first sex date with her was amazing. I felt that her ex black boyfriend and me were just one, we had my wife in common and it didn't matter which were our ethnicity.