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When the husband doesn't know.

I'll probably get flamed for this one, but there is nothing sexier to me than a hot white wife or fiance succumbing to her deepest desires behind the back of a white fiance or husband whom she loves dearly, but does not satisfy sexually the way a black man can.

Of course you must use your utmost discretion when posting here, but are any ladies currently (or previously) in this situation? Any black men experienced this situation?

What are your thoughts and your stories? Does it turn you on more knowing you're doing something you shouldn't be? Or on the other hand, do you think it's perfectly justified?


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None of the women that have shared my bed in the 15 years or so have included their husbands. As to whether the husbands are aware their wives are getting something extra I generally don't ask and don't care. In the group I belong to discretion is paramount. Personally I prefer to be able to concentrate on the person that I am fucking. any non participants are just a distraction
Personally, I've been on both sides of this and to be 100% honest, as much as I enjoy the aspect of giving the wife or gf something that he never could in front of him, I enjoy the secrecy more. Call it the thrill of sneaking around, or taking something he doesn't want me to have, but I like him not knowing and watching her succumb to dark desires, pun intended.


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After her first encounter I never knew she was seeing a black man secretly , I believe she met him at a sales conference and has been fucking him for some time now , so now when she goes away I know she is with him
And that really turns me on.
I think she is ready to tell me about him as a couple of hints has been raised and especiLly now as we had two wonderful black men in our hotel room last weekend.