When the Hotel Staff "find out"


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I have a specific hotel that I like to host new bulls in that's nearby and super convenient for me.

My problem is that after three or four times I began running into the same hotel staff who made it obvious to me that they knew I had a different hunk of man with me each time. Usually after my bull leaves and I'm going through the checkout process the staff ask if I've enjoyed my "short visit" and if my "husband" will be with me next time? With very judgmental looks and generally acting like I'm a prostitute.

My husband has offered to get the rooms in advance but he already does so much for me I hate to burden him more.It makes the situation very uncomfortable and I wanted to know what others have done to kind of get around this.



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I saw a video where a guy used an analogy of a bird. The bird sits in the tree and sings its song. One person wakes up and is so happy to hear the bird chirp. He says, "Thank you, bird, for singing such a beautiful song today." But the bird doesn't care about the guy. The bird's just doing what the bird does. Then another guy wakes up and yells at the bird. "Shut up, bird! I'm trying to sleep! Stop chirping!" But the bird doesn't care about that guy either. The bird's just doing what the bird does. So if people like what you do, or if people don't like what they do, who cares? You do what you do! :)