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When did you tell your other half you want BBC ?

My husband told me About a mount ago, he bought a big thick black dildo ages back (i should of taken that as a sign), we have always fantasise about gang bangs and threesomes whatever , but black guys where never really brought up .Until one night when he filled all my hole with dildos he said he wanted to film me as i get fucked by multiple big black cocks .... I came the hardest i ever came that night ...he opened abit of a pandoras box i think .How did your other half tell you or did you tell them ?
We never realy talked about it, till one day a black guy on a swingers site asked us to meet. When I told her she had someone interested and was it ok he was black she said sure. then he stood her up. So being a good husband I got online and found her the first black guy I could find in a chat room. he ended up with a 10" cock and fucked her like she had never had it b4!


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My wife had already been with a black guy before me. His name is Axel and I had been working with him in the same building. When they brook up, Susana and me began to go out.
Susie and me had been friends for a long time, so we had confiance to talk about sex without problems. She told me Axel could make her cum easily everytime they had sex. I wished to know more and more and she told me all what I needed to know.
Susie and Axel had been an excellent sexual life together. They had been able to make and have wild sex at the same time.
I ever told Susie that I wished Axel to have sex with her in front of me, so I was the one who encouraged her to have sex with him again. Of course it was not easy and we had to wait 10 years before we finally decide to call Axel.