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When did you become attracted to black men?

I am pretty sure this question has been asked before but here goes? This is for all the ladies. At what point did your attraction for black men surface? Was it something you had ever since you liked boys when you were young or did it develop as you got older? If it developed at a later age, what triggered it? Porn, a black guy flirting with you, your significant other telling you he wishes you would do that, girl talk, etc etc. i am curious to hear some feedback .
I am from country where all are white

first i saw interracial movies when i started to think about it and it looked very dirty and i was sorry to see white girls used like that.

around me people think so, that black people are just slaves for them and i was raised like that, but by the time i started to think a bit different especially here when i saw what real people who are not talking only from prejudicies say about this topic

now when i see interracial movie i dont consider those girls so poore dirty and humiliated only but i can see also myself in that position, though i still wouldnt like that anyone around me find out about it