What's your most common Interracial Fantasy?


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Some things, such as sex in an airplane bathroom, are better imagine than experienced.
Sex in an airplane bathroom is a real bitch to do. Flight attendant acted really pissed when we came out but her face was flushed and I think it got her hot. Like I said fantasy is for children. Now that I am older I doubt that I would do it again but I did it once. When I was in the Navy I did a thing in the far east called "Chicken in a Basket" The woman is in a basket with a hole in the bottom, the woman in the basket is lowered onto the bull and the basket is slowly rotated until you cum. One of the hardest orgasms in my life. Now I am old and grey and I have have some great memories, not a lot "I wish I had ..."
OK, I answered the other one about my "Ultimate" fantasy.....

I guess my most common one, would be being on my back, legs up in the air on the shoulders of a black Bull mounting me, with my hips rotated back to the point I could look down and watch his thick chocolate cock pressed into my pussy spread wide, and then pulled back with my pink-white cuntlips clinging to it.....

The next one, that I like to share with some guys I chat with, is a wonderful trick taught to me by my first black lover, who really knew how to do anal even if the wasn't that big, that I long to repeat - with a really big lover. As I ride the Bull anal, cowgirl style, going down on this big cock with my slut ass, I lean way back on my hands as I ride up on him, so his cock in my ass pushes my pussy out from the inside, making it bulge and even open, and then he can put a couple of fingers in and press down on the floor of my cunt to feel the head of his own cock through the thin flesh separating my insides...and if he keeps his fingers inside me like that as I go back to riding him, leaning forward more to take his cock deep inside my ass each time I slide all the way down to his balls, and then backwards a bit again as I ride up on his shaft and his head again presses into my cunt where he can feel it, I won't be able to keep myself from cumming quickly and hard, and I'll have to keep riding him as I spasm and writhe until he cums too, and I can finally shimmy my asshole down to his balls and collapse on his chest while his cock throbs in me and empties its load deep in my ass, letting him grab my butt with his big hands and rock me if he still wants me sliding a bit on his shaft.

Gawd, writing that is almost more than I can stand at this point.....:oops:

:blackheart: Lanie