Whats the most or biggest BBC she did?


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What are the most black guys you fucked in one night or one week without condoms?

Whats the biggest black dick you've had without a condom?


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The first guy to ever to get into Pam, other than myself that is (fact), was an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin. Did I mention he's black? Ha! Ha! I still get chills every time I reminisce about the sight of him getting into Pam that first time! Anyway back to the question.

Pam measured Edwin's erect cock at just short of 12 inches long and slightly over 8 inches at the midpoint of that huge black pussy intruder! It took Edwin almost an hour to get that thing burried into Pam's hungry horny wet pussy to its balls, but Pam's cunt did eventually manage to swallow it al the way to its balls! After that Edwin rode Pam like a Wild West cowboy would ride a wild bronco! Needless to say that Pam loved every stroke and every load of hot cum her unloaded in her that night! In fact I stopped counting her orgasms at somewhere around 18! Oh! Yes! Edwin went in bareback! It's the only way to travel according to Pam!