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Today you surprised your wife with a weekend trip to Jamaica.
It had been some time since the two of you took a trip like this, so you both were very excited.
On the plane you told her about these secluded waterfalls that you had read about,
where the two of you could be alone.
When you arrived in Jamaica, you spent some time around the hotel unpacking.
But after getting things sorted, you decided to take a chance and head over to one of the waterfalls.
Having marked the path on the map, the two of you hired a car and drove off.
About an hour later, you got to the end of the road and you had to walk the rest of the way to the waterfall.
There was a small path that took you in the right direction, and ten minutes later you were there.

But as you got there, the two of you noticed this large black man swimming in the water near the waterfall.
Your wife who had always been a bit shy, looked at you concerned.
But you assured her that he was just like the two of you, here to enjoy the waterfall.
As you got up to the water, you started talking to him, and he introduced himself as Deon.
As he was in the water, you and your wife sat down at the edge.
As you were talking to him, and you could tell that this Deon really had a way with women.
Because he had already gotten your wife to open up to him, something that was rather unusual as she had always been more of a quiet person. After having talked for some time, Deon was about to get out of the water, but before he did he told the two of you that he wasn’t wearing anything.
After you and your wife gave each other a look, you told him that it was okay.
You even told him that you had taken your wife here to go skinny dipping,
at which point you stepped out of your trunks and jumped in.

As you came up to the surface again Deon had stepped out of the water, and you noticed that your wife was trying not to look directly at Deon. As he laid down not to far from where you wife was sitting,
you regretted that you had taken your trunks off. Because Deon had the biggest dick you had ever seen.
His size made yours look like a small boy’s penis. You saw how your wife gave him another quick look, and then you noticed that her nipples had gotten hard and was showing through her bikini top.
Just then you started to feel rather jealous, seeing your beautiful wife sitting next to this naked black man.
But it then hit you, your own dick had gotten rock hard, and thoughts were flashing in your head.
Thoughts of your wife getting on top of this giant black man.
But you're not the only one. Your wife looks at you and says excitedly, "Let's all go back to our hotel room, right now. "

What would you say?


I'd say: "Why the hell go all the way back to the hotel when we can do whatever is bothering you, right here! We can even invite Deon to join us if you want to enjoy a manage au trois! Or perhaps you'd prefer to take him on alone! Either way, I'm fine with it but otherwise I'm going nowhere!" :devil::bigsmile:


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Your wife looks at you and says excitedly, "Let's all go back to our hotel room, right now. "

What would you say?
Yes, of course, and then I'd chauffeur them back to our hotel while they got to know each other more intimately in the back seat.

Once back at the hotel, I'd get the camera to take a few photos for the wife's scrap book.
Of course, now that Deon knows where we are staying, it should be easy for him to find his way back in just in case he forgets his .... umm .. sunglasses or something. ;)
I agree... why leave! Go for there on the spot! Then take Deon to the hotel and party somemore! Who knows, maybe he has a few "friends" also.