what would you do???


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Supose you came home from work early and entered your house and found your wife on the couch sucking off a big black cock that belonged to the UPS man What would you do?
It wouldn't have weird for me. When I knew my wife Susana, she was having a relation ship with a black guy called Axel. We worked in the same building like employers. They were having some problems with their relation ship, so she used separate from him for some days and come back when he begged to do it.
I wished be her boyfriend, so I was in the middle of the conflict.
One day Susana said me that she was going to refuse to have sex with him, until they could find a solution in their problems, but it didn't work. After 5 months without sex, they fucked even more wildly than before!
When Susie told me that she had been fucking with her ex black boyfriend again, I started to feel excited with the idea of see Susie fucked by him. But my real cuckold feeling began some days after that, when she finally brook up with him, and we went to my single room to have sex. It was going to be our first time. When I finally penetrated her, I told Susie that I was feeling an immense pleasure, due I had put my dick in the same place where Axel had put his big black cock before! At that time, I had already known about the wonderful orgasms that Axel had been able to bring my wife, when they were together.
Thousands of times I begged her to tell me about her experiences, having sex with her ex black boyfriend. She told me how did they fucked during their first holidays together; when she sucked his cock while he was driving her car, along a lonely route, during a travel; when in the same travel, they must to stop at one side of the highway to fuck over the car, due they couldn't resist their excitation one more second, or how he fucked her when they finally arrived at their hotel and she was having a bath; when he fucked her over a chair in outdoors, in the garden from her house, when her family were out and more...
When she finished to tell me all these stories, I ever begged her to call Axel to have sex together.
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