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It was what we both wanted. Not that it was the first time either. We had unusual tastes when it came to sex. I guess that was what attracted us to each other. I sat quietly in the darkness of the room and watched.

My beautiful wife writhed under the powerful thrusts of her black lover as he fucked her forcefully on the large hotel bed. It was warm in the room and they had been together for almost half an hour. They were both wet with perspiration and the room was dank with the smell of their bodies. I could smell her pussy mixing with his musky scent as they fucked. It was completely erotic.

I slowly stroked my hard cock as I watched them mate. I didn't want to cum before they did so I had to ease up.

Their bodies slapped together as his huge black cock penetrated her time and time again. She pushed her ass hard against him meeting his thrusts with her own sexual enthusiasm. She had wanted a black man for a long time and now it was happening with full force.

I couldn't wait for him to reach his breaking point and fill her pussy with his thick load of black seed. I would then kneel between her legs and press my face into her well-fucked hole to lick out that beautiful mix of sweat, juice, and black cum. That had been the deal. I agreed to her fucking a black man if she would allow me to clean her up afterward.

As he thrust deeply and let out a loud groan of satisfaction my own load shot out forcefully onto my leg and the floor as I jerked myself vigorously. I stood and walked to the bed as he pulled out and lay on the bed. Her slick cunt glistened with the mixture they had concocted. The scent was pungent. I lay between her legs, wrapping my arms around her thighs and burying my face deep into her womanhood. As my tongue probed her treasure, her black man smirked and said, "she's all yours."