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What turns you on?

' The Scent of HER JUST Entering the room , looking fresh from head to toe [ butterball naked ] those sexy ass lips , ready to suck , those big or small mountains ready to be climed , smooth ass belly breathing in and out pussy and ass so fat or slim you can hear it clap... Enough..... fellas lay your shit down when that dook creaks open...


Gold Member
There are a lot of things that turn me on. Some of them are abdominal muscles from men, their strength and more. I like when men lick my nipples before and during the couple. Sometimes I like when they are really gentelmen and sometimes I like when they turn wild too.
But one of the things that ever turned me on with my ex was the fact he is black. Since the first day when he puts his beautiful black cock inside my pussy and comes over me to have sex in missionary, I can feel the soft weight from his thin body (shorter and thinner than mine)...and it turns me on like crazy!