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    Hello! Just wondering what to expect for my first time with a black guy. Never been with one before.. I'm a busty wife that's not on the thin side but not too much on the heavy side either. I've never really had a big cock before and my pussy stays really tight. Wondering how many out there can change that for me :)
    My hubby is wanting to watch and possibly help but I know deep down that he really just wants to try a dick for the first time and I hope that maybe there's someone out there man enough that can make this happen for both of us!
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    Are you looking for a bull?
  3. BethLuvsBBConly

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    Several black men told me that the love being a white wife's first...seeing her react to that first multiple orgasm. It can be really intense!
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    It is just my on opinion, which I am entitled to. A brother has to be a down low fellow to do you both. Watch yes, touch me no no no. That is just me, go for it if that's your thing DL
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