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What to do next???

Okay, we have been married for a long time. For a while, our sex life was bad. We even almost stopped completely, then I had some bloodwork and found my testosterone level was in the toilet. After about two weeks we were back like we always were. We have ALWAYS had a GREAT sex life. I am not tiny and I know how to please my wife. I began thinking how it would be, to have another guy that would give her even more great feelings during our play time. We began watching threesome videos and also a few gangbang videos where the wife was treated gently, and I could tell she responded well to them. Last night, we watched a few cuckold, amateur videos and she got hot! I had told her that maybe we should go to Jamaica for our 25th anniversary and get her an "erotic massage" (amount other things) and that seemed good too. Let me be clear though, we are NOT looking for a dominant person that will take over our lives. We are THINKING about trying to find a VERY clean, polite, compassionate person that knows how to treat a Hot, FINE, BEAUTIFUL, BBW wife that is VERY good in bed. It may likely be only a one time encounter as well, but who knows what cAn happen
What do you think?
We are actually of thinking about doing something together. I'm not into that humiliation thing, and I really am not a "small" guy. It's something we have talked about and played around with. Though thanks for the thoughts.
Yeah, it's not for everyone. I will just say that chastity play often gets lumped into sissification, femdom, small-penis humiliation, etc. as does cuckolding. But it doesn't have to be, just like cuckolding doesn't have to be associated with those things. You can be a macho guy, of average or above-average size and still enjoy the erotic frustration of not being able to masturbate while your wife is out with another guy. Just sayin. :)