stop to counfound sharing et cuckhold please, in the pictures. It's fun to share your wife if you like sex, and have a well sized dick too. Not to be humiliated but because A) she likes to be humiliated B) it's fun to fuck her while she sucks and invert too C) you can make DP ... D) you have a bitch as a wife, and this is really good to have a bitch as a wife because you fuck with a bitch almost every day, and you let sometimes others fuck her just to make her a bitch. And trust me this is good to be sucked by a bitch, fucker her... in the ass too... and remember her she is a bitch, and feel she is wet to know she is a bitch. Not because she thinks about another dick but because she feels her power and she feels than she can have no limit. You can choose her clothes, and mine like that i buy clothes for her... she feels like a doll.

why with black men.. because this makes of her the ultimate bitch. Because for me, i'm not jealous at all, i know this is just sexual. And finally, for me, because you see better a black dick on a white chicks, and a white dick on a black chicks. You can see better the dick enter in her holes. And i can tell by experience she likes to scream when i fuck her in front of our guest, because she likes to show how muck i fuck her well.

everyone has its reasons, but for me cuckholding is just another form of racism, not a pleasure.

Why i'm not jealous, i ve a good dick, better than the most of men, better than the black guest we had, i've a good body, i'm in shape (i''m what you call a bull... i make martials arts for freefight and lift weight at a national level. And i have success with girl because i'm a nice man.

This is very boring to read always the same thing, this is only great to fuck dsometimes like this mmf as i ever did mff, threesome are very rich in pleasures, even when you are not gay as the most of men or couple on this site. Even as the most hide theirself from their wifes to have this fantasm. This is enough to feel guilty to not have a conventionnal sexuality, for me, if each of us had manners , and judge its neighbor, we can have sex in the most unlikely situation as an aperitif with your pals, a game playing, or else.... Imagine your wifes for a fantasm if she likes it to serve an aperitif to all men, in thong and high heels... you make a bet that the wifes of the losers at a video game begin 20 mns with the winners then they fuck with all the men.. you can be 4..8...that make 2 wifes for the 2 winners for 20mns then for 4 men, Imagine with 8. Imagine all the possibility, all the scenarii, all the fantasms..... So really to your cuckholding fantasm, to be treated like a bitch... you.. the male... to ear you have a little dick (and even, you can use fingers and many others things... you are just bad), to have the fantasm to be dressed you, the male as a doll.. to have the fantasm to have your wife pregnant by another.. you are not a male, you are gay, bi, worst even.... but obviously not a male, and i'm very sad for those they can have so much hate about themselve. But you know the best way is to suck a black dick and try in your own ass, but the reality is just you live your own desire to be fucked by your wives. You know your wives, you know what they feel and you can know a bit, what they feel... and you can fap on this, because you can transpose what they do, with what you want to do.

But trust me, no straight man like what you like, there is no pleasure when you are hetero to not fuck.

Ho well, and i made her a bitch, because i learn her to swallow, to accept in the ass, facial ejac and so much things.. . And a day after made everything again and again, suddenly you see you can make more with more persons. And her education continues now... i want from her she accept black sperm , not for stupid breeding, but to make her wear a skirt in street with our sperms slipping between her legs... Because this is a way to enjoy to know you had fucks as a bitch and act normally in the street with a normal skirt, the savour to know something that the other don't know, to have the fear (because she likes the fear) to be discovered... Cuckhold is not only a fake aspect of this, but also a poverty of imagination.

Sorry for my english, i'm French.
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