What the Cuck?!?!


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While I heard the term cuckold prior to coming across this website, I really didn't know much about it. I learned a thing or two from this site and other sources. It seems like the terms and conditions varies from couple to couple. I don't live the cuckold lifestyle, but I thought I'd create a fun thread for people in the cuckold community.

I'd love to see pictures from people who live the cuckold lifestyle or at least pictures that are amateur in nature.

cuckoldpledge.png cuck1.jpg Cucklogo.jpg cuckolding.gif cuck.jpg cuck4.jpg cuck5.jpg cuck6.jpg cuckold-hand.png cuckold-suck.jpg cuckold-support.jpg


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Nice thread with great pics and drawings describing the proper guidelines for white couples to follow concerning their sexual activity.

This subject, like most all subjects, contain the most important parts that should require constant effort to insure the success of completion. Then there are the rather unimportant parts that require little to no effort applied for completion simply because it is unimportant. Here is a quick look at both...

*The sexual satisfaction and release for the black male and the white female, wife or girlfriend as they both provide this to each other.
* The constant and continued effort by the cuckold to insure that this happens on a regular basis without interruption.

Not Important:
* The sexual satisfaction and/or release for the cuckold.