What symbol should whites wear so they can be seen to be black owned

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  1. cuckolded wimp

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    I have just read a thread in regards to the term (SPADE), and the association with the derogatory term for describing a blackman.
    If the "spade" symbol" (ace or queen) is used ALL who see it know the the wearer is black owned. Im just curious what other symbol could be used in its place, "IF A SPADE WAS UNACCEPTABL"
    This thread is no for contreversal debate, but just to see what other symbol could be used
    In the other thread a suggestion of a "LOCK with the letter B" in the lock, any other suggestions, and could you say whether your black or white, male or female. Thank you for time and trouble in reading this thread. Please just remember this is just for information and curiosity. NOT for contreversal arguement, there are other threads for that.
    I personnally love the male/ female symbols in various formats
  2. slutkellynaples

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    Temporary tattoo or ankle bracelet in visible place , definitive tattoos in intimate ones
  3. nocomp2bm

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    A few years ago I was in Vegas playing blackjack with a very gorgeous blonde sitting at the table who appeared to be flirting with the dealer who was an african black guy from the IvoryCoast. She has on a bracelet that had a 8ball (black) that she continued to roll with her fingers. My buddy later told me the 8ball is a message that whitechics use to show she wants to be blackballed.