What should we be called?


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this is a question for the women here...does it bother you when a Bulls (one
you don't know, have just met) calls you a "slut"? what about "piece of ass"?
what about "cunt"?

none bother me...i fact i gravitate toward Black Men who call me names like that
right off the bat


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That is an Individual preference. Some of us like to be Sexually Seduced by a Black Stud. Have him start off talking slightly suggestive- letting me know he is interested in feeding and fucking me but in a flitacious way. Have him brush against me slightly when passing me - or if we are in a crowded place henever someone passes us have him press his cock against my thigh as if to lert the people walk by- Then have him lead up to telling me how pretty I am and how much I am turning him on and how he would "drive me crazy" if I let him. Then off course once I an alone with him -thats when I am his "Slut" - lol

I know your wanting replies from the ladies and hoping you'll get more replies.

Personally I see nothing wrong in the word - I see it as a word of liberation and one that women should hold their heads high with rather than the intended social 'norm' of tying folks up in knots and keeping them in their 'place'.


and know the positive and rewarding side that can bring to all who are involved with them.
I'm going to jump straight in on my very first thread and joining.

I LOVE being called a slut, white slut. niggas slut, black cock slut etc by black men who I experience as lovers.

BTW Hephaestus your sexually liberated unforgettable talent , I love that very apt.


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Maybe I'm more gentlemanly than the rest, but I try to have more than a physical relationship with my IR benefactor. Only in the heat of sex I call her a slut, and that's when she's cum on my cock for the millionth time ;)
i find black guys tend to have a more charming banter than their white counterparts and i love the gentlemanly flirting prior to him getting my knickers off but the minute im bent over and he is drilling my tight white pussy as hard a he can i want to hear what a cum hungry slut i am and that hes going to make me ache for days like all dirty fucking cunts should feel