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What should I do???

My experience goes back 15 years or so. This was the first year I was with my GF and before we ever considered getting married. We where celebrating the union workers Day along with some friends in a big public park with some friends, and on the way home, we where walking past a corner of the park where all the people from the black communities in our city had joined for the same celebration, and she made a casual remark, not to me specifically, but out in the air about one or two.
Moving forward a year, we where again celebrating the same event, but this time with a girlfriend of hers, and they where talking about a holliday trip from the past to Egypt, where they apparently had joined a party with the national rugby team, and in the conversation between the two of them, they refered to them as "huge" or "Big" - without being more elaborative.
Half a year later we where married, and the I discovered the Internet. Apparently the seeds had been sown for some mistrust, and I began to search for interracial, wife, cheating in relation to stories and others, and has been addicted to this type of sex ever since.
I never used to be jalous before then, but have developed the bad habit ever since, and combined with som other non related relationship issues, this have had some effect on the sexlife too.

My wife has over the years gavner some weight, and has partially for the above reasons developed a lack of the same interest in sex as I have, and until last year, I thought that was the only reason. However on two occasions she has now Said to me during arguments, that an additonal reason was because of my lack of stamina during sex and because of occasional lack of size for me, typical because she didnt do much to spike my drive during either.

I've tried to suggest toys, but with no Luck. She doesnt Want that. I believe (at leaset in my fantasies) that both I and she would love it.

What should I do???


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If she "believes" size is an issue, then it's an issue for the both of you. Toys can help, sometimes, but I believe it would be more beneficial to find out where she's really coming from with her comments. Stamina is something you can do something about, if you really want to fix it. Putting more emphasis on foreplay often helps a woman enjoy sex and reach orgasms easier and faster, and it is often something men tend to get lazy about after being with a partner for a while.
What's your marriage (outside of sex) like? Do you feel she may have a self-esteem issue, since you mentioned her added weight? Diet & exercise would probably improve her attitude if she dropped 20-30 lbs. She would need your help. I can tell you, from experience, high carbs & sugar diets will kill you in more ways than one. It sounds as if the two of you are simply not enjoying each other as much ... consider walks, picnics, theatre, tennis, camping ... things you can do together that will get you out of the house. I certainly wouldn't suggest involving other men in your sex life if your marriage is already under some stress.
You might just need to do some repair work to rebuild your interest in each other.
Welcome to B2W by the way ... Mac
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That is actually very great advice, thanks. Both the doing more things together part and her loosing weight are actullay things that we work on, and maybe even her more than I, since it usually is I who "slips" from agreements that we make to improve things - partially because of my jalousy. She has never done anything to make that OK, and event then it happens. Call it catch 22. Not Working Stuff leads to the jalousy,and when it Works I Want more and an becommes jalous and scared that things get broken

I am not giving up on the hope though :) - but thx