What next?

Hey, Aussie. Wow, your girl sounds like mine saying that she is only satisfied with my cock. Bless their hearts, right?
I did mentioned to mine a few times that I wouldn't mine seeing her take a BBC so long as she either takes pics of the two of them going at it or that I am there to watch and/or participate in pounding her like crazy. Hehe
However, I don't think she took me seriously. Now, did you confess this fantasy to your woman or did she really just pull this idea out of nowhere? She may have seen IR pics and vids and is secretly fantasizing about BBC. From what you have said here, everything sounds good! I think you should proceed slowly and play it all by ear. As for asking your woman straight out, ya that's how women are. They won't admit to stuff like this because they are torn between living out a fantasy or keeping it just a fantasy. Also, because they don't want to be seen as cheap sluts. Anyways, don't lose heart. Keep at it. Baby steps. But do take the lead. If you don't watch IR porn, start doing so. And for sure get her the most realistic and fattest BBC dildo her pussy can handle. Good luck, man!
Hey, no problem. "Good" girls love to go bad! Jeje It seems like she wants to break free from her conservative background and try new things with you. Her fantasy of being tied up is fairly common as most women secretly want to submit to a strong male and be ravished. The part about being cummed on (I'm guessing face and breasts) is another bonus. ;)

Yes, I think the dildo will lead to porn. In fact, you should have IR porn in the background while you use the dildo on her. You should encourage her to show her how wild she can be around you as she takes that toy deep in her pussy. I think you should insist on helping her to take all the length and width of the dildo inside her pussy. Who knows, she might warm up to your idea fairly quick! However, you must reassure her that you love her no matter what and nothing will change that. To summarize, proceed slowly and play things by ear. I think your woman will come around soon enough. ;)

Btw, what is her nationality?
Awesome!! Take LOTS of upclose pics and vids. Does she wanna try to get bred, too? Btw what does your woman look like. Let's have a peek at her. ;)
yes she wants and i hope for you, you like to be cuckhold because do it that for your honeymoon, i let you imagine what it will in few years... So if you like that, happy to you, but if not.. run ! (After fucked her with a black pal :p )